McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Defines a command or sequence of commands to run when you press a function key.


F key "command



function key number; the range is 0 to 12


McIDAS commands to run separated by semicolons, or a string in the form @nnn (which means switch to menu nnn)


A function key definition pertains only to a given menu. Since you can redefine function key F1 in each menu, the commands that are run by pressing F1 depend on the currently displayed menu. For example, if you press F1 when menu 7 is displayed, the commands run are those defined for F1 in menu 7.

The function key zero (00) is a special case, and actually refers to the Esc key. Use it only when redefining the Main Menu number. The default for the F0 or Esc key is zero. If it is not defined, menu zero is displayed when you press the Esc key.



This entry runs the command IMGDISP GOES/EAST 2 STA=KMSN when you press F1.

F 0 "@15

This entry displays menu 15 when you press the Esc key. Define the F0 key in each menu, as the default is zero. Menu 0 is displayed unless F0 is explicitly defined in the currently displayed menu.

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