McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Preparing the mcidas Account on Windows 7

Complete the instructions below to prepare the mcidas account on Windows 7 workstations.

1. Log on to the workstation as Administrator. (Note that you cannot complete the instructions below as another user with escalated privileges; you must be logged on as Administrator.)

2. If the workstation does not have a mcidas account, make one.

3. Set the Local Path for the mcidas account to C:\Users\mcidas. To do so, right-click on My Computer then click Manage to bring up the Computer Management window. Then browse to the mcidas user by expanding Local Users and Groups > Users > mcidas to bring up the mcidas Properties window. Click its Profile tab, select the radio button next to Local path and enter C:\Users\mcidas in its text field and click OK.

If this workstation is a member of a domain controlled by an Active Directory server, the network administrator will need to configure the home directory for the mcidas account on the server to match the one used here.

4. Create two links to /dev/fs/C/Users, set ownership of the mcidas user's home directory and give everyone Read access. To do so, start an SUA Korn Shell and run the four commands below in order.

Type: ln  -s  /dev/fs/C/Users  /home

Type: ln  -s  /dev/fs/C/Users  /dev/fs/C/home

Type: cd  /home

Type: chown  mcidas  mcidas

Type: chmod  755  mcidas

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