McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Registering MD File Schemas

Each version of McIDAS-X includes copies of the LW files DCGFSMOS, DCGRET, DCIHGT, DCIRAB, DCISEN, DCISFC, DCISHP, DCNAMMOS, DCNGMMOS, DCPIRP, DCRAOB, DCRAWI, DCSVCA, DCSYN and DCUPPR in the ~mcidas/data directory. These files define the GFS, GRET, IHGT, IRAB, IRSG, ISEN, ISFC, ISHP, NAM, NGM, PIRP, RAOB, RSIG, RAWI, SVCA, SYN, and UPPR MD file schemas.

When you register a schema using McIDAS-X command SCHE (in the Commands section of this manual), the schema file is read and the schema's internal form is copied into LW file SCHEMA, which resides in the $HOME/mcidas/data directory. Command SCHE can also add locally developed schemas to the workstation.

Commands that read data in an MD file (for example, PTDISP, SFCLIST, UACROSS) or edit a preexisting MD file (for example, MDE) do not require the MD file's schema type to be registered. However, commands that create an MD file (for example, TXT2MD, ISENT or MDU MAKE) do not work unless the schema is registered. Therefore, you should register the supplied schemas using the SCHE command after installing McIDAS-X for the first time.

Once a schema is registered on the workstation, you don't have to register it each time you install a new version of McIDAS-X. When a schema is updated, it is noted in the McIDAS-X Upgrade Procedure document supplied by SSEC for your site coordinator with McIDAS-X upgrades.

To register the MD file schemas, first complete the software installation procedure. Then start McIDAS-X and use the McIDAS-X command SCHE to register each schema.

For example, to register the schema ISFC,


To register the schemas IRAB and IRSG,


Use the list schema command, LSCHE, to verify the registered schema types and version numbers or to search the schemas for a specific key.


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