McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Setting the ADDE Client Timeout

By default, ADDE commands timeout if they do not receive any data from the server for a period of 120 seconds. You can change the timeout period with the environment variable ADDETIMEOUT. To do so, enter the following Unix command (substitute the equivalent if using C shell), where numseconds is the number of seconds.

Type:  export  ADDETIMEOUT;  ADDETIMEOUT= numseconds

If you want to set the environment variable each time you log on to your account, add the command above to your $HOME/.mcenv file and add the following line to your $HOME/.profile (ksh) or $HOME/.cshrc (csh) file. Be sure to leave a space between the period (.) and $HOME.

.  $HOME/.mcenv


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