McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Displays a sequence of loops.


MOVIE l1 d1 l2 d2 . . ln dn [keywords]


l1 . . ln

the loop to display; the range for the Image Window is 1 to 99; the range is 1 to 9 when using the WIN keyword

d1 . . dn

number of minutes to display the loop (default=.1)



briefing window to display the loop; the range is 0 to 9 (default=Image Window)


Define loops using the DEFLOOP command. Create briefing windows using the BRIEF command.

Use the appropriate procedure listed in the table below to cancel the active movie process. When you cancel the active movie process, the current loop continues running until you manually stop the loop. Use Alt A to advance a frame and Alt B to back up a frame in the loop.

Display Cancel Procedure
Image Window Run MOVIE with no parameters to cancel the active movie. Press Alt L to manually stop or start looping.
Briefing Window Run MOVIE WIN= to cancel the active movie in the specified briefing window. Make the window active, then press L to manually stop or start looping.



This entry cancels the active movie on the main display.

MOVIE 2 0.5 1 1 3 2 WIN=1

This entry displays loop 2 for one-half minute, loop 1 for one minute, loop 3 for two minutes on briefing window 1, and then repeats the sequence. This movie sequence runs until you run the command MOVIE WIN=1 to cancel it.

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