McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Sets system values for local McIDAS workstation networks.





name of the text file containing the values used to create the SYSKEY.TAB file (default=SYSKEY.DOC)


Caution !
Creating or changing SYSKEY.TAB impacts the entire McIDAS workstation network.
SYSKEY should be used by the network administrator only.

This command reads the values from text file SYSKEY.DOC into the LW file SYSKEY.TAB. The parameters defined for local McIDAS workstation networks are stored in SYSKEY.TAB. These parameters contain alphanumeric and integer values needed by workstations in the network. Words 2100 to 2499 and 5000 to 5999 are reserved for parameters unique to your network.

The SYSKEY.DOC file must be in text format (lines must end with a linefeed). To change SYSKEY.DOC, use a text editor. Alphanumeric values are limited to four characters; integer values are limited to 10 digits.

Use command SYSVAL to list values directly from SYSKEY.TAB. SYSKEY.TAB values can be placed directly into local command entries using #SYS(word) to replace a parameter or keyword value. For example, IMGLIST GOES/VIS.1 #SYS(2100) lists images from position 1 to the value stored in word 2100.



This entry sets the system values to the defaults in SYSKEY.DOC.

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