McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Toggles the velocity cursor on and off when tracking cloud drift winds.


The V key toggles the velocity cursor on and off. This establishes a fixed jump in the cursor for each frame in your loop bounds, which helps track cloud features. You must be in a cloud tracking session started with the PCMW command to use command V.

To turn the velocity cursor on,

Press:  Alt V

The letter V is displayed on the text frame status line.

Set the velocity increment by aligning the cursor over a cloud target on the first frame of your loop. Advance to the second frame with the right mouse button (it functions like Alt A), then align the cursor over the similar cloud feature. Doing this on the first and second frames sets the increment for all frames in the loop.

If you don't use the velocity cursor, you will be manually selecting each target. Although this can be quite tedious, it is advisable when doing single pixel cloud tracking.

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