McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2017.1

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Displays the workstation's state.


To list the workstation's state,

Press:  Alt F


Type:  F

Press:  Enter

The output format of F is workstation dependent; a sample output is shown below.

Video Status for Your Workstation
	                    Image Frame(s)  Graphics Frame(s)
Number Available              nn                  nn
Current                       nn (Opp=nnn)        nn
Loop Bounds                 n to n / Random     n to n
Visible (K & W toggle)      Yes/No              Yes/No
Connected (Y & J toggle)    Yes/No              Yes/No
Looping (L toggle)          Yes/No              Yes/No
Cursor parameters: Size=    nnn / nnn   Type=cursor type
        Center position=    nnn / nnn   Color=color

Image frames nn - nn and Graphics frames nn - nn are nnnn BY nnnn.

If you use command LB to set image or graphics loop bounds, the table indicates the loop bound set. If you use command LS to set the loop bounds, random looping is in effect. In this case, you can enter LS or LS G to list the current loop definition.

The final lines of the output information describe the number and size of the image and graphics frames. Add new frames with the MAKFRM command.

Use commands K, W, J, Y and L to toggle elements of the loop control system on and off. Command K toggles the image. W toggles the graphics. J toggles the graphics loop control. Y toggles the image loop control. L toggles the image and graphics looping.

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