McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2018.2

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Removing the Previous Version of McIDAS-X

The McIDAS-X installation files include both the McIDAS-X core package and the McIDAS-XRD sidecar package.

If you have installed and tested a new version of McIDAS-X and/or McIDAS-XRD and are satisfied they are working properly, you can remove the previous version of the packages. To do so, complete the numbered instructions below, running each command from the ~mcidas directory.

1. Log on to the workstation as mcidas.

2. Remove the mcidasversion# directory tree and its contents, replacing version# with the previous version number.

Type:  sh  ./  unmake  all

The messages below are displayed when the unmake is successfully completed.

./ McIDAS-X unmake completed normally.
./ McIDAS-XRD unmake completed normally.

3. Remove the following files:

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