McIDAS-X User's Guide
Version 2021.1

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Using the mcenv Process

Use the mcenv process to run programs, scripts, or McIDAS-X commands. When you use mcenv, you ensure that the same McIDAS environment is used for the life of the script or until you exit the mcenv process. You can enter single McIDAS-X commands or create a script with multiple McIDAS-X commands to manipulate frames, grids, and images without starting a McIDAS-X session.

You can start the mcenv process from the Unix prompt, shell scripts, and the Unix scheduler cron. Note that mcenv defaults to /bin/sh unless the SHELL environment variable is set (i.e., mcenv explicitly looks for the SHELL environment variable). So if you have code in a mcenv script that works only in a specific shell you should set the SHELL environment variable before running the script.

The following sections describe:

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