McIDAS-XCD Administrator's Guide
Version 2022.1

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System Requirements

In addition, the workstation must have enough disk space to run the McIDAS-XCD software package and store its data files. The table below lists the approximate disk space requirements per day for each data type decoded with the -XCD package. The space requirements were derived from the NOAAPORT broadcast in December 2021.

Data type

Daily space requirements

* ASCII text stream

3,500 MB

* MD files (all types/schemas)

198 MB

All GRIB1 and GRIB2 data

550,000 MB

All radar (WSR-88D and TDWR) products and stations

60,000 MB

All BUFR data

2,700 MB

* These data are generated by default for first-time installations.
The GRIB, GRID and NEXRAD decoders are inactive by default.

NOAAPORT approximate total

616,000 MB
(616 GB)

In addition, there is a static requirement of 500 to 1,000 MB for other -XCD files. If enabled, the MySQL/MariaDB database (60 MB) and LDM product queue (default=400 MB) also consume significant disk space. Note: The LDM product queue can be set as large as 4 GB on a 32 bit Enterprise Linux workstation.

Remember that the space requirements above are approximates and are per day. If you save multiple days of data you must multiply the figures by the number of days for your disk space requirements.

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