McIDAS-XCD Administrator's Guide
Version 2022.1

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Unix command that starts the McIDAS-XCD status display.


statdisp [flags]


-bg color

background color (default=black)

-display display

workstation name and window manager to use for display

-fg color

foreground color (default=white)

-font font

font size to use (default=6 x 12)


position of status window


stops automatic window resizing

-sample seconds

screen refresh sampling time (default=5 seconds)

-threshold minutes

warning threshold time (default=5 minutes)

-warn color

warning color (default=red)


This command starts an X window to display the status of McIDAS-XCD decoders and ingestors. Active decoders and ingestors are displayed in the foreground color. Decoders and ingestors that are inactive longer than the warning threshold time are displayed in the warning color. See the McIDAS-XCD Status Display Window section for more information on the output from statdisp.

To cancel the status display, click on Quit the Window in the Title bar. To display a window in a smaller size than is necessary to view the entire bulletin board, use the -resize option.

To force statdisp to get data from a file other than ~oper/mcidas/data/DECOSTAT.DAT, set the environmental variable XCD_disp_file to the fully expanded file name.

To start statdisp from the McIDAS-X command window, precede it with OS ". Run it in the background using the & (ampersand) shell option.

Use the -geometry option to specify the screen position of the status window. Specify the horizontal and vertical offsets in pixels. Offsets must be preceded by plus signs (+).


statdisp -bg white -fg black -warn magenta &

This entry starts the status display with a white background, black foreground, and magenta warning messages from the Unix command window. The & (ampersand) shell option runs the command in the background.

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