McIDAS-XCD Administrator's Guide
Version 2023.1

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Configuring Additional GRIB2 ADDE Datasets

Adding a new GRIB2 dataset that accesses data in the MySQL/MariaDB database is a multi-step process.  You must first access the navigation parameters of the GRIB2 file, then add these parameters to the ~mcidas/data/grib2NavLookup.txt file, use the DSSERVE command to add the dataset to your RESOLV.SRV file, and then stop and restart McIDAS-XCD for your changes to take effect.

  1. From a McIDAS session as user oper, run the GRIB2NAV command to list the navigation parameters of the GRIB2 file.

    Type: GRIB2NAV GRIB2Filename

    where GRIB2Filename is the fully qualified path of a valid GRIB2 file on your system.

    Example output is:

    Nav parameters for message 66, field 0 are NAM, 6, -4564482,
            2089981, 20318, 950000, 250000, 250000 

  2. If the navigation parameters already exist in the ~mcidas/data/grib2NavLookup.txt file, then you can either edit the first column to match your new dataset descriptor, leave the dataset as is and do nothing, or change the DATAFILE=DESCRIPTOR option of the DSSERVE command in step 3 below to match the first column of the navigation entry.

    If the navigation parameters do not exist in the ~mcidas/data/grib2NavLookup.txt file, then you will need to add them by logging in as user mcidas and updating the file.  The format of this data file is as follows: 

    Column 1 is the filename prefix for the GRIB2 file created by McIDAS-XCD (12 character maximum).  It is best if this is also the dataset descriptor name for the new dataset.

    Column 2 is the grid source name (4 character maximum).

    Column 3 is the projection type (1 and 4 are Mercator, 2 is Polar Stereographic, 6 is Lambert Conformal).

    Columns 4-9 are the navigation parameters calculated by the GRIB2NAV command.

    From the example above, the new navigation entry you should add to the ~mcidas/data/grib2NavLookup.txt file would be:

    NAM-USLCAW20 | NAM | 6 | -4564482 |2089981 | 20318 | 950000 | 250000 | 250000

    Note: If you update the ~mcidas/data/grib2NavLookup.txt file, make a backup copy of the updated file so you can restore your local changes if the original file is overwritten (e.g., by installing a new version of McIDAS-X).

  3. From a McIDAS session in the mcadde account, use the DSSERVE command to add the dataset to the RESOLV.SRV file.


    DATABASE=mcrtgrib defines the database where the meta data is stored.

    DATAFILE=DESCRIPTOR indicates that this dataset will contain only the data files that match the descriptor name (in this case, NAM-USLCAW20* files).  If you have a different name in column 1 of your ~mcidas/data/grib2NavLookup.txt file, then you can include that name here in place of the word DESCRIPTOR

    will only search for GRIB2 data files. 
  4. Stop and restart McIDAS-XCD for your changes to the ~mcidas/data/grib2NavLookup.txt file to take effect in filing and in the database. If you need instructions, see the Starting and Stopping McIDAS-XCD section.


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