McIDAS-XCD Administrator's Guide
Version 2019.1

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Obtaining McIDAS-XCD 2019.1

The McIDAS-XCD 2019.1 package contains the following files.

File name


shell script that installs the McIDAS-XCD software


compressed tar file that contains all source and data files


lists information to review before installation

Complete the instructions below to obtain the McIDAS-XCD 2019.1 installation files from the McIDAS Website.

  1. Use your Web browser to download the files listed in the table above. Access the McIDAS Website at, and follow the link for McIDAS-XCD software. Each site has its own login and password for downloading files. Have your site coordinator contact the McIDAS Help Desk if you can't remember yours.

  2. Log on to the McIDAS-XCD workstation as user oper and move the downloaded files to the ~oper/mcidas directory.

  3. List the files and check the ownership.

    Type: ls -l ~oper/mcidas

    If the -XCD files are owned by user oper, skip steps 4-6 and proceed to the next section, Installing McIDAS-XCD 2019.1.

  4. Change the ownership to user oper, if needed. You must have root permission to do this. Switch to user root.
  5. Type: su root

  6. Change to the ~oper/mcidas directory.
  7. Type: cd ~oper/mcidas

  8. Run the command below for each of the downloaded -XCD files.
  9. Type: chown oper file

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