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Fastrack Information

Fastrack is an intermediate release of McIDAS-X or McIDAS-XCD software. Fully-supported -X and -XCD upgrades are available once per year, usually in May. Fastrack releases are available more often, usually about three times per year. All changes in each Fastrack release have been tested by SSEC McIDAS User Services; however, a complete system test has not been performed. Thus, Fastrack releases may not be as stable as a fully-supported upgrade and we recommend that you do NOT install them on mission-critical workstations.

Fastrack releases are NOT fully supported by the MUG as their changes are still being evaluated. However, it is likely that some or all of each Fastrack release will be included in a future -X or -XCD upgrade.

If you elect to install a Fastrack version, we ask that you report any problems with the software to the McIDAS Help Desk.