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Materials From Past -X, -XRD and -XCD Versions

This page contains links to materials that contain information about past versions of McIDAS-X, McIDAS-XRD and McIDAS-XCD, going back to 2005. To find the materials for the current versions of these packages, see the Software pages for -X, -XRD and -XCD.

The materials are presented below, grouped by software version.

Version 2018.1 (-X, -XRD; issued May 2018)

Version 2017.2 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued October, December 2017)

Version 2017.1 (-X, -XRD; issued February 2017)

Version 2016.2 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued October 2016)

Version 2016.1 (-X, -XRD; issued February 2016)

Version 2015.2 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued December 2015)

Version 2015.1 (-X, -XRD; issued June 2015)

Version 2014.1 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued March 2014)

Version 2013.1 (-X, -XRD; issued January 2013)

Version 2012.2 (-X, -XRD; issued September 2012)

Version 2012.1 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued June 2012)

Version 2011.1 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued November 2011)

Version 2010.2/2010.1 (-X and -XRD 2010.2, -XCD 2010.1; issued December 2010)

Version 2010.1 (-X, -XRD; issued May 2010)

Version 2009.2 (-X, -XRD; issued November 2009)

Version 2009.1 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued May 2009)

Version 2008 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued May-June 2008)

Version 2007 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued May-June 2007)

Version 2006 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued May 2006)

Version 2005 (-X, -XRD, -XCD; issued May 2005)

Here are brief descriptions of what each type of material linked in the sections above contains.

  • Cover Letters -
    The Cover Letters are short announcements that are issued each time a major software upgrade is available. They contain brief summaries, in bulleted list form, of what we considered to be the most important software changes since the previous upgrade.
  • Upgrade Procedure Documents -
    The Upgrade Procedure Documents are somewhat similar to the cover letters, but contain a more comprehensive list of changes (those in the cover letters, plus many more), more details about the changes, plus required and optional actions to perform.
  • Software and Instructions and Programmer Notes -
    As stated in the 2009.1 cover letter and on page 7 of the 2008 Upgrade Procedure Document, version 2008 was the last formal upgrade of McIDAS-X and -XCD. So, while we don't have 2009.1, 2009.2, etc Upgrade Procedure Documents, the links to the Software and Instructions and Programmer Notes pages for those versions are the closest to an equivalent.
  • McIDAS-X User's Guide and McIDAS-XCD Administrator's Guide -
    These manuals contain the most comprehensive user and administrator documentation for the particular version of the McIDAS-X and McIDAS-XCD software packages.