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McIDAS-X User Interfaces

McIDAS-X supports the interfaces listed below.

Command Line

The Command Line interface is the basis for all other interfaces.


The Graphical User Interface (GUI) enhances the usability of McIDAS-X with an intuitive, interactive, mouse-driven interface. It provides drop down menus, dialog boxes, and on-line help for easy access to many of the McIDAS-X commands, accommodating users from novice to expert. The GUI uses the Tcl/Tk freeware package.

F Key Menu System

The F Key Menu system minimize keystrokes when a clearly defined set of commands is required.

McBASI Interpreter

McBASI is a BASIC language interpreter in the McIDAS environment. McBASI programs are presented as ASCII text files created by a standard text editor.

Event and Command Schedulers

The McIDAS command scheduler runs commands based on time, day and year. For example, a scheduled command may initiate an image display at five minutes past the hour, every hour of every day.