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Sample McIDAS-X Programs

This page contains sample McIDAS-X programs that can be downloaded and used as templates for creating your own McIDAS-X programs. Read the description of each program in the table below to choose the appropriate sample program(s) to download.
Program Name Description
smpaddegrd.pgm Reads and writes ADDE grid data
smpaddeimg.pgm Reads and writes ADDE image data
smpaddepnt.pgm Reads ADDE point data
smpargfetch.pgm Fetches command line arguments
smpcore.pgm McIDAS application written in Fortran
smpcorec.c McIDAS application written in C
smpdaytime.pgm Runs day/time conversion and formatting utilities
smpgraphic.pgm Displays image and graphics data on a frame
smpnav.pgm Performs frame and image navigation transformations
smppntdev.pgm Demonstrates control and use of the pointing device in interactive applications
smpunitcvt.pgm Performs basic unit conversions

See the McIDAS Programmer's Manual for additional information about programming in McIDAS-X. It is designed to be an instructional guide for new programmers and a reference for experienced programmers.