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SSEC Data Center names.gvar files

This page contains the names.gvar files used in the SSEC Data Center's SDI-104 GVAR ingestors. They are provided for reference only; other SDI-104 sites will often choose different settings in their version of the file.

The pending, current and archive versions of the names.gvar files on the SSEC Data Center's GOES-East and GOES-West ingestors are available in the table below. The files are created and maintained automatically by a script that is run each day at approximately 06:00 UTC. The script checks whether the names.gvar file on each of the servers have been updated. If a names.gvar file has been updated, the script then copies the file to the Pending link in the appropriate column (East or West) and renames it to names.gvar.yyyyddd, where yyyyddd is the Julian date. If the operator who edited the names.gvar file creates a log entry, its contents are available in the "log" link next to the main link.

If a names.gvar file in Pending has not been updated for seven or more days, it is considered stable and is thus moved to Current, and the version previously in Current is moved to Archive. If neither of the ingestors (East or West) have a pending names.gvar file, the Pending section is removed from the table below, leaving only the Current and Archive sections.

For more information, see the Editing the names.gvar File and GVAR Descriptor Files pages in the SDI Operator's Manual.