free, open source software for 3D geophysical data analysis and visualization

About McIDAS-V

McIDAS-V is a free, open source, visualization and data analysis software package that is the fifth generation in SSEC's 40 year history of sophisticated McIDAS (Man computer Interactive Data Access System) software packages. McIDAS-V displays weather satellite (including hyperspectral) and other geophysical data in 2- and 3-dimensions, and can be used to analyze and manipulate the data with its powerful mathematical functions.

More McIDAS-V features and characteristics:

  • Java-based, open-source, and freely available;
  • Is built on VisAD and IDV and incorporates the functionality of McIDAS-X and HYDRA for viewing data, developing algorithms, and validating results;
  • Includes tools for research and operational users of observational, model, and satellite data, including data from multi- and hyper-spectral sensors on both current and future satellites;
  • Allows automatic reprojection of both local and remote data for easy integration of different data sources and formats; and
  • Includes a “bridge” to McIDAS-X, allowing –X users to continue using legacy code in -X, while visualizing in McIDAS-V

McIDAS-V Information

  • Software
    - system requirements, installers, instructions
  • Documentation
    - user's guide, tutorials, instructional videos
  • Support
    - free support forums available
    - purchase additional support or training
  • References
    - summary slide for use in your presentations
    - McIDAS-V citations for papers
    - Papers and presentations featuring McIDAS-V
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Supporting Applications

  • VisAD - Visualization for Algorithm Development
  • IDV - Integrated Data Viewer
  • McIDAS-X - Man computer Interactive Data Access System
  • HYDRA - HYperspectral-viewer for Development of Research Applications


The McIDAS-V development effort has been greatly assisted by open source licenses for YourKit Java Profiler.

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