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McIDAS-V Documentation

There are three main sources for McIDAS-V Documentation: the McIDAS-V User's Guide, online tutorials, and instructional videos.

The McIDAS-V User's Guide provides comprehensive information on how to use McIDAS-V and all its features. The McIDAS-V User's Guide is available online and is also accessible within McIDAS-V from the main menu under Help.

The McIDAS-V tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the features of McIDAS-V. If you have never run McIDAS-V on your machine, you should start with Installation and Introduction, and then proceed to the data topics that interest you.

The instructional videos cover specific features of McIDAS-V. The Introduction video highlights many of the capabilities of McIDAS-V, while the others answer many of the frequently asked questions received at the McIDAS Help Desk.

We are constantly adding to the video library, so please submit a request in the McIDAS-V Support Forums if you have an idea for a new instructional video topic.


McIDAS-V User's Guide HTML | PDF

  • Installation and Introduction
  • PDF | Data [18 MB]
  • Satellite Imagery
  • PDF | Data [1264 MB]
  • Polar Satellite Imagery
  • PDF | Data [524 MB]
  • Hyperspectral Data
  • PDF | Data [198 MB]
  • Suomi NPP Data
  • PDF | Data [1300 MB]
  • Simulated ABI Data
  • PDF | Data [443 MB]
  • Level II Radar Imagery
  • PDF | Data [24 MB]
  • Point Observations using ADDE
  • PDF | Data [0.6 MB]
  • Point Observations using netCDF
  • PDF | Data [6 MB]
  • Gridded Data
  • PDF | Data [460 MB]
  • Importing Text Files
  • PDF | Data [0.6 MB]
  • Time Matching
  • PDF
  • Basic Formulas
  • PDF | Data [200 MB]
  • Basic Scripting
  • PDF | Data [186 MB]
  • Advanced Scripting - User Defined Functions
  • PDF | Data [259 MB]

    Note: If present, the Data link downloads a zipped file containing all of the data files used in the corresponding tutorial.