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McIDAS-V Sample Capabilities and Bundles

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Observation Data

McIDAS-V can display real-time point observations from around the world. METAR and synoptic surface weather station observations can be plotted or contoured, and time series charts of meteorological parameters can be created for a given location. Upper-level RAOB data can be plotted or contoured in 2- or 3-dimensions, and also displayed as soundings, hodographs, or time series charts. Wind profiler data can be displayed as time series or time height displays. Powerful mathematical tools allow for user-created formulas and customizable output of the data. The remapping and overlaying capabilities of McIDAS-V make integrating point data with other meteorological and geophysical data simple for even the novice user.

The examples below demonstrate some of the capabilities of McIDAS-V with point data. Click on the image to view a larger version. If applicable, a link to the example bundle is also provided for interactive use in McIDAS-V.

[All examples on this page were created by members of the McIDAS User Services using McIDAS-V software.]

Surface observations over the Southeastern US on February 27, 2009. (Bundle).

Surface temperature point observations displayed as color-filled contours
Surface temperature point observations displayed as color-filled contours. Major cities across the US are also displayed. (Bundle)