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Files Included in McIDAS-XRD 2017.2

The McIDAS-XRD 2017.2 package includes commands, servers, data files and a Python package for optional use with McIDAS-X. See the sections below for the corresponding contents.

Commands Included in McIDAS-XRD 2017.2:

Command Name Contributing Site Description
ABBA SSEC Decodes and Plots Wild Fire ABBA products
ADVDISP SSEC Plots flight advisories (airmets and sigmets)
ANGLES SSEC Lists satellite zenith, solar zenith, and relative angles at the cursor location
ASTAT SSEC Measures image statistics
AWSLAPSE_TS AMRC Plots temperature difference time series
AWSLOC AMRC Lists AWS stations
AWSMG AMRC Plots an automated weather station meteorogram
AWSP_TS AMRC Plots a pressure difference time series
BARCP NASA-Langley Displays a grayscale bar on NASA-Langley cloud products
BEEP SSEC Sounds a number of beeps for a specified length and frequency
BINNAV SSEC Displays binary navigation files created from AXFORM
CANRAD SSEC Decodes Canadian radar text files
CATOMTP SSEC Compresses OMTP segments into a single file
CHANGECAL AMRC Updates calibration constants for NOAA-15 images
CIRCLE SSEC Draws circles or arcs around a point
CLDTOPO SSEC Combines IR, VIS and topography data
CLOUDH SSEC Calculates cloud heights using a VAS first-guess MD file
COLIMGPLOT NSSL Displays a multi-color scatter plot of data from two images
COMP_ALLBAND SSEC Composites all bands for multiple satellite images
COMPGG SSEC Compares values of two colocated grids
COMPMG SSEC Compares an MD file's values to a colocated grid's values
COMPMM SSEC Compares values of two MD files
CONVERT_LEV1B SSEC Converts AVHRR data in Level 1B format into McIDAS area format
CRASIMG SSEC Creates McIDAS image files from CRAS model grids
DIRLIST SSEC Lists image directory information
FCSTCON SSEC Contours FOUS14 forecast data
FCSTPLOT SSEC Plots FOUS14 forecast data
FILTER SSEC Applies 2-Dimensional filter or smoothing to a grid
FIXDEF SSEC Fix DEFLOOPs created before McIDAS-X 2017.2
FIXFY2D_NAV2012 SSEC Fixes bad navigation of FY2D area files with wrong satellite subpoint
FIXGRIBID SSEC Updates GRIB ID for stitched global grids to match new convention
FIXRAW SSEC Applies IMGFILT Clean Filter and preserves 2 byte data
FRMDIR SSEC Lists complete contents of a frame directory
FRONT Unidata Draws fronts using ASUS1 or FSUS2 frontal analysis bulletins
FRONTPTH SSEC Draws a front or curve through points generated by the PATH command
GET_POINT_SFC NASA-Langley Extracts parameter from MD file and writes value to a grid
GETCOMPOSITES AMRC Transfers composite satellite images from SSEC to AMRC
GETDMSP AMRC Gets latest DMSP image centered on pole
GETGAC AMRC Gets latest GAC (band 4) image centered on pole
GETHRPT AMRC Gets latest HRPT (band 4) image centered on pole
GVARINFO SSEC Displays information from a GVAR area line
GVVA SSEC Examines a grid value at the cursor location
IFR SSEC Plots color coded IFR conditions from METAR reports
IGTV SSEC Generates contours and streamlines from grids
IMGCHECK SSEC Lists basic statistical values for an image
IMGCOMBO SSEC Combines multiple single-band areas into a multi-band area
IMGDISPCP NASA-Langley Displays NASA-Langley cloud products, map and color bar
IMGFLOAT SSEC Puts image data on top of a graphic in the frame
IMGGRA SSEC Fills graphics frame with colors based on image brightness levels
IMGGRD SSEC Generates a grid from an area
IMGMAKE Weathernews, Inc. Creates a McIDAS area from a binary file
IMGNORM AWC Corrects for brightness normalization and limb darkening
IMGPROC SSEC Applies a point spread function to an image
IRT SSEC Calculates rain rates based on Goodman et al., 1990 scheme
LIMBFIT SSEC Utility for Earth limb curve fitting
LLBOX SSEC Draws a Latitude/Longitude box over a navigated frame
MAKE_MULTIB NASA-Langley Makes a multi-banded area file from single banded area files
MAKEIMG SSEC Creates a McIDAS area from a general format
MAKEMAP SSEC Creates a McIDAS map file from a text file
MAKETOPO SSEC Creates a McIDAS area file from a USGS DEM file
MAP2TEXT SSEC Converts a McIDAS map file to a text file
MCAWIPS SSEC Transforms McIDAS images into standard AWIPS format and projection
MDDPI SSEC Creates a derived product image from an MD and an area file
MDSCAT SSEC Displays a scatter plot of MD file data
MERGE_GEO NASA-Langley Merges geostationary satellite imagery
MERGE_GOES NASA-Langley Merges GOES-East and GOES-West satellite imagery
MERGE_GOESNS NASA-Langley Merges GOES-East or GOES-West NH and SH images
MERGE_POLAR NASA-Langley Merges polar orbiting images
MGXS SSEC Displays a meteorogram cross-section of surface data
MOSLIST SSEC Lists MOS from an ADDE point dataset
NAVPASS AMRC Attaches navigation to TeraScan AVHRR passes
ND AMRC Deletes data from current system navigation file
NEXRAD SSEC NEXRAD dataset utility
NK AMRC Generates a navigation codicil from the master file
NL AMRC Lists data from a navigation file
NM AMRC Moves navigation data to another file
NORTEL SSEC Combines two images by alternating pixel values
NOWCAST SSEC Lists NowCAST Forecast for specified city
NVU AMRC Navigation file utility
OLDSVF SSEC SVF command from McIDAS-X versions prior to 7.7
PATH SSEC Displays a 2-dimensional path for object tracking
PIRPPLOT SSEC Plots pilot and air reports from PIRP schema point files
PLT_SPC_RPTS SSEC Plots Storm Prediction Center (SPC) storm reports or locations of storm reports
POESCAL SSEC Calibrates POES images
PRED AMRC Predicts navigation parameters from a master navigation entry
PROPLT SSEC Displays a vertical time series of profiler wind fields
RADAR SSEC Finds and displays a radar image over a point or region
RAIN SSEC Calculates rainfall rates from Meteosat infrared temperatures
REMAP2 SSEC Remaps a 2-byte area into a different projection
RMRTMDG SSEC Deletes real-time MD or grid files
ROADMAP SSEC Draws a road map from a specified file
ROTIRO SSEC Rotates a POES image 180 degrees
SATCOMP SSEC Creates a composite image from multiple satellites
SC SSEC Grids and contours surface data from an MD file
SFCTIME SSEC Creates several strings for current observation hour and date
SMOOFT SSEC Applies a 2-D low pass Fast Fourier Transform filter to a grid
SP SSEC Plots surface data from an MD file
STG SSEC Displays an 8-hour space-time graph of surface data
SVGA SSEC Writes a virtual graphic to an area
SVPS ABoM Saves a McIDAS frame to a PostScript(tm) file
TAFLIST SSEC Lists or displays decoded terminal aerodrome forecasts
THPASS SSEC Applies a 2-D sixth order high-pass implicit tangent filter to a grid
TIMEINC AMRC Returns the new day and time when given a day, time and time increment
TIRCHK AMRC Calculates time differences between actual and calculated scan lines
TLPASS SSEC Applies a 2-D sixth order low-pass implicit tangent filter to a grid
TNAVDEC AMRC Files polar orbiter navigation
TORDEC SSEC Decodes tornado reports
TORDISP SSEC Displays decoded tornado warnings
TORLIST SSEC Lists decoded tornado warnings
TXT2MSG SSEC Reads text formatted MSG data and creates a McIDAS area file
TXTNAV SSEC Displays text navigation files created from AXFORM
UC SSEC Grids and contours upper air data from an MD file
UP SSEC Plots upper air data from an MD file
WHEN SSEC Extrapolates features and computes arrival times
WINDBOX SSEC Plots WINDCO MD file target and search box locations
WINDFLAG SSEC Plots a wind flag at a specified location
WRTEXT SSEC Displays the contents of a text file on a graphic frame
WUUS SSEC Plots and lists SPC Probabilistic Outlook Regions (WUUS01)
WXSDITH SSEC Writes weather symbols into a temperature image
WXSYMB SSEC Plots and lists weather symbols
XFGRID SSEC Subsects grids by reducing the geographic coverage and/or grid point interval
XSECTG Unidata Displays a vertical cross section of gridded fields
ZFP SSEC Lists the zone forecast product for a specified city


Servers Included in McIDAS-XRD 2017.2:

Server Contributing Site Description
airxadir SSEC AIRS Sounder area directory server
airxaget SSEC AIRS Sounder area data server
amrradir SSEC HDF-EOS AMSR-E rain rate product area directory server
amrraget SSEC HDF-EOS AMSR-E rain rate product area data server
amseadir SSEC HDF-EOS AMSR-E L2A area directory server
amseaget SSEC HDF-EOS AMSR-E L2A area data server
amsradir SSEC HDF-EOS AMSR-E area directory server
amsraget SSEC HDF-EOS AMSR-E area data server
ashxadir SSEC CLAVR-X ash products directory server
ashxaget SSEC CLAVR-X ash products data server
awipadir SSEC AWIPS netCDF directory server
awipaget SSEC AWIPS netCDF data server
awipaput SSEC AWIPS netCDF write server
catgadir SSEC GEOCAT GOES products directory server
catgaget SSEC GEOCAT GOES products data server
kalpadir SSEC Kalpana area directory server
kalpaget SSEC Kalpana area data server
maaaadir SSEC Mode AAA area directory server
maaaaget SSEC Mode AAA area data server
maaadir SSEC Mode AA area directory server
maaaget SSEC Mode AA area data server
maadir SSEC Mode A area directory server
maaget SSEC Mode A area data server
mod3adir SSEC MOD3 area directory server
mod3aget SSEC MOD3 area data server
modcadir SSEC MODIS Cloud Mask V2 directory server
modcaget SSEC MODIS Cloud Mask V2 data server
modiadir SSEC MODIS NDVI area directory server
modiaget SSEC MODIS NDVI area data server
modladir SSEC MODIS land/sea temperature product area directory server
modlaget SSEC MODIS land/sea temperature product area data server
modvadir SSEC GEOCAT POES products directory server
modvaget SSEC GEOCAT POES products data server
nssxadir SSEC CLAVR-X composite (OBServed, CLouD, SST) products directory server
nssxaget SSEC CLAVR-X composite (OBServed, CLouD, SST) products data server
omtpadir SSEC Meteosat Open MTP directory server
omtpaget SSEC Meteosat Open MTP data server
sminadir SSEC SSMI area directory server
sminaget SSEC SSMI area data server
tminadir SSEC TRMM-TMI area directory server
tminaget SSEC TRMM-TMI area data server
viiradir SSEC VIIRS directory server (SVI, SVM files)
viiraget SSEC VIIRS data server (SVI, SVM files)
Note: When using DSSERVE to create a VIIRS dataset, specify "VIIR" in the format parameter, TYPE=IMAGE, the directory and file masks to the data files in the DIRFILE= keyword, the directory and file masks to the geolocation files in the INFO= keyword, and "SVI" or "SVM" for the dataset descriptor (e.g., VIIRS/SVM). Also, the data (SVM*, SVI*) and terrain-corrected geolocation (GMTCO*, GITCO*) must be in separate files in the NOAA CLASS naming format without "_npp" in them. Examples: SVM05_d20170821_t1823015_e1828419_b30140_c20170822002843330215_nobc_ops.h5 GMTCO_d20170821_t1823015_e1828419_b30140_c20170822002842363247_nobc_ops.h5


Data Files Included in McIDAS-XRD 2017.2:

Data File Contributing Site Description
ADVDISP.CORE SSEC Configuration file for ADVDISP
ADVSRY.DAT SSEC Station location file for ADVDISP
AWSLOC.TXT AMRC Station location file for AWSLOC
CIRCLE.CORE SSEC Configuration file for CIRCLE
DATOR SSEC Schema file for TORDEC
GMS5NAV Weathernews, Inc. GMS5 navigation block for IMGMAKE
HURMAP-PLOTS.GIF SSEC Graphic showing map outlines for HURMAP(1-8)
HURMAP(1-8) SSEC High resolution map file provided by CIMSS Tropical Cyclone Group
HURR-Atlantic SSEC Atlantic basemap (area format) for use with HURR.MCB
HURR-Atlantic-graphic SSEC Virtual graphic overlay for HURR-Atlantic
HURR-Caribbean SSEC Caribbean basemap (area format) for use with HURR.MCB
HURR-Caribbean-graphic SSEC Virtual graphic overlay for HURR-Caribbean
HURR-Pacific SSEC Pacific basemap (area format) for use with HURR.MCB
HURR-Pacific-graphic SSEC Virtual graphic overlay for HURR-Pacific
HURR.MCB SSEC Plots TPC forecasted tropical cyclone positions
IAHWY* SSEC Text files containing points for Iowa Highways plotted with ROADMAP
IAINT* SSEC Text files containing points for Iowa Interstate Highways plotted with ROADMAP
IMGMAKE.CORE Weathernews, Inc. Configuration file for IMGMAKE
KALPANA1NAV Weathernews, Inc. Kalpana navigation block for IMGMAKE
MASTBL50 SSEC Calibration file for MAS aircraft data
MCAWIPS.CORE SSEC Configuration file for MCAWIPS
MET5NAV Weathernews, Inc. MET5 navigation block for IMGMAKE
MET7NAV Weathernews, Inc. MET7 navigation block for IMGMAKE
MNHWY* SSEC Text files containing points for Minnesota Highways plotted with ROADMAP
MNINT* SSEC Text files containing points for Minnesota Interstate Highways plotted with ROADMAP
MOSLIST.CORE SSEC Configuration file for MOSLIST
MSG48KM.MSK SSEC MSG navigation file for TXT2MSG
OUTBRAZILST Unidata Map file containing Brazilian states
OUTCANAL Unidata Map file containing canals
OUTINGEO Unidata Map file containing geographical features in India
OUTINPOL Unidata Map file containing political boundaries in India
OUTINSTA Unidata Map file containing state boundaries in India
OUTLSAFRST Unidata Map file containing South African states
OUTMEXICOST Unidata Map file containing Mexican states
OUTRAIL1 Unidata Map file containing railroads
OUTRAIL2 Unidata Map file containing railroads
OUTRAIL3 Unidata Map file containing railroads
OUTSTHIW Unidata Map file containing state highways
OUTSTRD Unidata Map file containing US state roads
OUTTECTN Unidata Map file containing tectonic plates
OUTUSHIW Unidata Map file containing US highways
OUTUSINT Unidata Map file containing US interstate highways
OUTUSRIV Unidata Map file containing US rivers
OUTWOLAK Unidata Map file containing world lakes
OUTWORIV Unidata Map file containing world rivers
RADARDATA.CORE SSEC Configuration file for predefined products created by RADAR
RAWSATLOC.CFG AMRC Configuration file used with NAVPASS
ROADMAP.CORE SSEC Configuration file for ROADMAP
TOPOIMG.ET SSEC Color enhancement for topography.image
TORDEC.CFG SSEC Configuration file for TORDEC
TORWARN.CORE SSEC Configuration file for TORWARN
WIHWY* SSEC Text files containing points for Wisconsin Highways plotted with ROADMAP
WIINT* SSEC Text files containing points for Wisconsin Interstate Highways plotted with ROADMAP
gms5_BRITtoTEMP.wni Weathernews, Inc. GMS5 brightness to temperature conversion tables
met5_BRITtoTEMP.wni Weathernews, Inc. MET5 brightness to temperature conversion tables
met7_BRITtoTEMP.wni Weathernews, Inc. MET7 brightness to temperature conversion tables
topography.image SSEC Area file containing world-wide values for heights above sea level. Gray shades 0-149 are below sea level, 150-255 are values above sea level. The following DSSERVE command enables you to access the data with the IMG* commands:


Python Package Included in McIDAS-XRD 2017.2:

The Python package in the Unix version of McIDAS-XRD 2017.2 can be used to run McIDAS-X commands in a Python environment on Linux and OS X workstations. See the "Python Package" section in the McIDAS-XRD Software Page for additional information, including a link to a tutorial with installation instructions, how-to's and an example script.