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TC & Web

- New research page

- More comprehensive ICDS page

- New Web server

- IDEA project page

- Better staff page

- New Windows XP domain

- Moving Linux machines to Redhat enterprises

- New documentation system for all network connections

- New e-mail server

- Implementation of the new computer purchased with DURIP grant

- Geopardy




Much of the daily activity within SSEC relies heavily on computer technology and the Internet. A small task force toils away to keep the center running by handling seemingly infinite requests for assistance while a different group pulls everything together to portray the center in a clear, user-friendly fashion.

Technical Computing and the Web team

Displayed with pride: Using input from the researchers themselves, Bill Bellon and a Web-savvy team fixed up the SSEC research page. The page now features a comprehensive list of all SSEC research projects. Every project has a link to a page providing an overview of the project as well as to any existing project home pages.

A new look: Working with ICDS, Bill Bellon created a new, more comprehensive Web site.

The better to serve you: TC and Bill Bellon worked together to transfer all of SSEC to a new, faster Web server. The new server supports new functions not available in the old Web server. Several other improvements resulted: increased disk space, the move away from multiple user accounts to single user accounts, and the appropriate use of UNIX groups.

Bright IDEAs: When SSEC inherited the IDEA project from NASA Langley, a team assembled to duplicate and improve the IDEA Web site. Headed by Bill Bellon, a team of researchers and information specialists contributed their input. In addition to replicating it, they added Web-based forecast discussions to the Web site as well as AniS Java animations to provide an alternate option when viewing the animations available on this Web site.

Improved staff page: Bill Bellon greatly improved the staff list page and also made it more user-friendly.

New domain: TC created a new Windows XP Domain to replace Novell servers. There are now 195 XP machines in this new domain.

Revamped radar: Rick Kohrs and Bill Bellon revamped the radar page. Improvements include new radar locations, composite radar images and animations, new radar products (such as Radial Velocity), the ability to toggle various overlays off or on, and an improved interface that allows users to switch between radar products with ease.

Upgrades and improvements: TC also moved the majority of SSEC’s Linux machines to Redhat Enterprise.  Of these, 75 were upgraded and 25 were new machines. Students in TC were integral to this process.

New documentation system: TC put together a new documentation system for every network connection.  This system is also a central database that provides data for DNS, DHCP, and wireless access servers.  Previously these were separately maintained databases.

New e-mail server: Courtesy of TC, SSEC has a new email server with server side virus scanning, web client and server side rules.

Weather games: David Parker created “Geopardy” for the 2004 MUG meeting. The game was obviously based on Jeopardy but with a more McIDAS-esque flavor. The topics all relate to McIDAS in some way. Because its creators wanted to make it informative as well as fun, the game contains a mix of amusing historical gems and real trivia. Three contestants were selected from the attendees at the 2004 MUG Meeting, with Parker as the fourth to keep the pace and give some funny answers ... or at least they seemed funny at the time. The playing board is a single HTML page with embedded images, sounds, and a couple movies. It is available online.

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