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- New director

- New Logo

- NASA appointment

- Limaye appointed press officer

- Key named chair of OPP

- Holz receives fellowship

- Journal outpost closed

- Pertzborn co-authors a book

- Stearns named AMS fellow

- VISITView trademark

- CIMSS 5-year review


As part of an academic research center dependent on federal funding, SSEC employees are used to putting forth outstanding effort that goes largely unnoticed. Here, at least some of these exploits have a chance in the spotlight. The list does not include dozens of manuscripts reviewed by principal investigators and other duties, but focuses on service, honors and awards.

Revercomb's in charge: After 5 years as Interim Director, Hank Revercomb became SSEC's third permanent director when, in October, Graduate School Dean Martin Cadwallader hired him. A university committee comprised primarily of scientists searched nationwide.

SSEC’s new logo: Hank Revercomb, SSEC’s director, unveiled the new SSEC logo at his 2004 State of the Center speech. A team created the logo that represents the myriad activities of the center in a clear, professional way. Maciek Smuga-Otto designed the logo with input from the logo team as well as from the rest of the center.

Appointed by NASA: NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory appointed Rosalyn Pertzborn as their education and public outreach lead for their New Frontiers (Juno) Concept Study Report.

CIMSS received a stellar 5-year review.

Limaye appointed press officer: The Division of Planetary Science within the American Astronomical Society appointed planetary scientist Sanjay Limaye as their 2004-2008 press officer.

New chair named: Jeff Key, team leader of NOAA’s group stationed at SSEC, was named the new chair of the Observation Products Panel within the World Climate Research Programme’s Climate and Cryosphere project.

Fellowship awarded: Graduate student Robert Holz received the second Suomi-Simpson Fellowship awarded by CIMSS and NASA. The award enables Holz to work with scientists in both CIMSS and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Holz studies the impact of clouds on climate by combining measurements of the optical properties of clouds taken from instruments on various aircraft (mostly the Scanning-HIS on NASA’s ER-2 high-altitude aircraft) and weather satellite instruments.

Dr. Charles Stearns named an AMS fellow

The end of an impressive run: The SSEC outpost of the Journal of Applied Meteorology closed its doors in the first week of November. In nearly four years of operation the editor processed 81 manuscripts with the help of two assistants and 234 reviewers.

Donning the author hat: Rosalyn Pertzborn co-authored Policy Guide to the Office of Space Science Education & Public Outreach Evaluation Criteria published in March 2004.

AMS fellow: Dr. Charles Stearns, principal investigator for SSEC Antarctic research projects, was named an AMS fellow at the 2004 annual meeting in January.

Trademark coup: Back in 2000, Tom Whittaker developed training software, VISITView, for the National Weather Service, which now helps train meteorologists everywhere how to use satellite data. In December 2004, SSEC received federal Trademark registration for the VISITView mark.

Sung praises: Every five years, a NOAA cooperative institute must be reviewed to determine whether the institute is worthy of continued support. In 2004, a committee of technical reviewers chaired by Professor Graeme Stephens of Colorado State University along with officials from various NOAA departments visited SSEC’s Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) and were impressed by the quality of CIMSS science as well as by the excellence of SSEC administrative support. Reviewers noted that, during its nearly 25-year existence, CIMSS has provided “a unique level of satellite data and product stewardship.” Reviewers offered as an example of CIMSS’s “invaluable support to NOAA’s Office of Systems Development” that it provided “critical risk reduction analysis functions for new operational satellites and their development.”


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