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Antarctic Research

- New Webcams

- Four AWS stations deployed

- Archiving AMSR-E data

- Helping NASA

- Case study repository from featured storms

- An AWS featured in climate change book


Under the SSEC umbrella, the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center provides data to the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Programs. SSEC also maintains several Automatic Weather Stations specifically created to gather information in Antarctica.

Antarctic Research


New Webcams: In January, two webcams were deployed at Williams Field and on the C-16 Iceberg. A third was deployed in October on the Nascent Iceberg.

Stations deployed: Over the last year, four new Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) were deployed. Emilia and Vito were deployed in January on the Ross Ice Shelf. Nascent and B-15K were deployed in October.

Archiving data: AMRC began archiving AMSR-E data for a new precipitation study on the Ross Ice Shelf.

Finding a good day to fly: During October and November, the AMRC played a vital role in a NASA mission to the Antarctic peninsula to study sea ice by providing satellite images. These images assisted the AASI project in determining whether the weather would be good that day to fly.

Studying storms: AMRC has developed a new case study repository with data from some featured storms, including a storm in May that damaged part of McMurdo Station.

AWS featured in climate change book: A children’s book on weather and climate change featured a picture of an Automatic Weather Station. Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd., Introduction to Weather and Climate Change provides an easy to understand look at different views of climate change.

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