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The SSEC Data Center

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The Schwerdtfeger Library

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Data Center Highlights:

- Meteostat-8

- Contract with Honeywell Aerospace

- Contract with Global Imagination

- Supporting the IDEA project

- New cable from Orchard St. antenna

- Providing images to Prada

- NOVA special


Library Highlights:

- Library now searchable online

- Coordinating with UW's MadCat

- Library course trial run

- Library course accepted as a required seminar

- Participation in local story hour

- Bentley archives online


As a research institution, SSEC handles a high volume of data. Whether collected by SSEC researchers or archived for reference, information management is crucial to keep things running smoothly. Both the Data Center and The Schwerdtfeger Library provide the center with invaluable tools to access and use data and information.

The SSEC Data Center

courtesy of Dee Wade

One of the first Metostat-8 images received by the Data Center

A new type of data: SSEC began receiving Meteosat-8 (Meteosat Second Generation) real-time data on March 15, 2004.  Of the three sites attempting to receive the data, SSEC was the only one able to do so when Wallops began to transmit. The Data Center began archiving MSG data on April 8, 2004.

Ready for takeoff: Honeywell  Aerospace contracted the Data Center to provide them with weather products and data to be transmitted to the cockpits of commercial airlines. The pilots use Honeywell software to display SSEC products. The current products contain information on cloud top heights, winds, turbulence and convection. The Data Center plans to work with Honeywell to set up the processing at their sites in Redmond, WA and Phoenix, AZ with SSEC providing the data. All of these products were produce with McIDAS data.

An imaginative product: Global Imagination contracted SSEC to run a server for their users, which picks up the products generated for them at SSEC. They currently use two products: Global infrared clouds over a colored base map and global water vapor sea surface temperature. The Data Center plans to increase the product suite and are open to any ideas. Current products are generated using McIDAS data.

Supporting a new IDEA: SSEC Data Center began supporting the Infusing satellite Data into Environmental Applications (IDEA) project in March 2004.

An image used by the Prada boutique

Creating connections: New fiber cable installed from Orchard Street antenna to the Data Center.

It’s so Prada: The Data Center now provides special data products as works of art for the new Prada boutique in Los Angeles.

Twisting on NOVA: The Data Center provided satellite data for storms showed in NOVA’s “Hunt for the Supertwister,” which aired April 6 on public television.

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The Schwerdtfeger Library

Searchable Schwerdtfeger: The Schwerdtfeger Library accomplished one of its longstanding goals: Users can now search the library’s publications online through the Schwerdtfeger Library Publications Database. The database includes a portion of the Schwerdtfeger collection that is not found in MadCat: SSEC and AOS publications and reprints, VAS publications, meteorological satellite history materials, McIDAS and FTIR publications, and, later, the papers of Dr. Verner E. Suomi.

In step with MadCat: Keeping in mind their goal of providing a seamless interface to various publications, the Library implemented an online circulation module that coincides with the UW’s MadCat. As of November 4, about 58 percent of the Library’s collection can be accessed through the UW library online system (MadCat). They also started to put barcodes on all library items – they completed about one third of the collection (not including journals). This allows the library to efficiently track materials and keep borrowing statistics.

Aided in their search: In January and February of 2004, the Library presented its course for information literacy of students in science and engineering to all graduate students affiliated with CIMSS. After completing the course, each student then met with the librarian to clarify individual search criteria and objectives, familiarize themselves with relevant databases and start work on literature reviews.

Info literate atmospheric scientists: Beginning in 2005, the Library’s course on “finding scholarly information in the atmospheric sciences” will become part of AOS 907, a required research seminar for all M. S. and Ph.D. candidates. The course content was developed to encompass Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) standards and performance indicators for progress toward information literacy of students in science and engineering in higher education.

One of the ice crystal images in the Bentley collection

Story time!: The Special Purpose Libraries at UW-Madison developed library programs for children who participate in the Madison School and Community Recreation’s (MCSR) after-school program in the Allied Drive neighborhood. In December 2004, Schwerdtfeger Library staff talked with kids about the science of snow.

Ice crystals online: The Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) Reviewed Collection has added The Schwerdtfeger Library’s collection of ice crystals, the Bentley Collection.


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