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Under the SSEC umbrella, the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center provides data to the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic programs. SSEC also maintains a network of Automatic Weather Stations specifically created to gather information in Antarctica.

Antarctic Research

In 2005, the Automatic Weather Station program installed four new AWS sites.

New AWS sitesDuring 2005, the Automatic Weather Station program, with funding from the National Science Foundation, installed four new weather stations across Antarctica named for people important to project personnel. Carolyn, Eric and Mary went in during January and February, and the Fountain site was set up on the Drygalski Ice Tongue in October. The AWS program currently has approximately 55 sites in operation.

AMRC takes the lead—The Antarctic Meteorological Research Center’s Matthew Lazzara currently heads the Antarctic Internet Data Distribution (IDD) effort. Using Unidata’s Local Data Manager (LDM) software, the IDD system will connect the United States Antarctic Program’s meteorological community and facilitate data exchange. Through Lazzara’s efforts, AMRC is currently the hub for data exchange between Antarctic meteorologists around the United States as well as a distributor for data from Antarctica.

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