August 2013

Comings and Goings


alexa ross Alexa Ross

Alexa is a student hourly working with Steve Ackerman, Bob Holz, and Min Oo.

"I'm originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but I did my undergraduate at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, receiving my B.A. in Physics in May 2012. At SSEC, I am working mainly with Steve Ackerman, Bob Holz, and Min Oo. We are collaborating also with Tracey Holloway at SAGE and her CMAQ modeling research group. Our research involves comparing satellite AOD with CMAQ output PM2.5 data. We are using the collocated MODIS and CALIOP AOD values and comparing them to the model, with the hopes of eventually improving the model's output to give more accurate aerosol data. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, singing, hiking, and playing pool."
david mikolajczyk

David Mikolajczyk

David will be changing from a Research Intern to an Associate Instrumentation Technician.

  Hyo-Jin Han

Hyo-Jin is an Honorary Fellow working with Jun Li.

ilya razenkov Ilya Razenkov

Ilya is currently a Research Associate with AOS and will be transferring to an academic staff position with SSEC.

emily doxtator Emily Doxtator

Emily took a semester off and is returning as a student hourly working with Marlene McCaffery.



tom achtor Tom Achtor

Tom has retired from his position as Executive Director for Science (official last day is 31 July 2013). Tom granted a in-depth and very interesting interview about his time at SSEC. Take some time and read the article posted about it -- he tells some great stories.



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