SSEC/CIMSS at the 91st Annual AMS Conference

SSEC and CIMSS scientists will be presenting a wide range of seminars, talks, and posters at the 91st Annual American Meteorological (AMS) Conference held 24 – 28 January 2011 in Seattle, Washington. CIMSS Director Steve Ackerman is the co-director of this year’s conference.

The theme of the Conference is “Communicating Weather and Climate,” emphasizing the idea that two-way communication is essential for scientific research, education and serving the public.

SSEC scientist will be presenting talks and posters on a wide variety of talks including but not limited to:

  • how products from polar-orbiting satellites will facilitate global direct broadcast data,
  • examining the capabilities of McIDAS-V software
  • illustrating the growing use of mobile devices in delivering real-time weather products,
  • GOES-R products

This year SSEC will again have a booth on the floor of the Exhibit Hall. Hours are:  Monday, 5:30-7:30 PM (Grand Opening/Reception/cash bar) ; Tuesday 9:30 AM - 6 PM ; Wednesday 10 AM - 6:30 PM (Pre-banquet Reception/cash bar from 5:30 to 6:30) ; Thursday from 9 AM 'til Noon. (These hours are a bit different from last year's).

The complete list of the sessions, talks, and posters presented by SSEC/CIMSS is shown below.

In addition, SSEC and CIMSS will engage K-12 students, teachers, and the general public at the 10th Annual WeatherFest on Sunday, 23 January 2011. The heavily-attended WeatherFest is an interactive science and weather fair designed to instill a love for math and science in children of all ages and to spark a young person’s interest in this area so they may consider a career in these and other science and engineering fields.

Don’t miss the Communicating Weather and Climate Art Show. Art and sciecne come together with microbursts, photography, supercooling, sculpture, Alberta Clippers, painting, sea level rise, and more. You can attend the Opening Reception on Monday, 24 January, 7:00-9:00 p.m., Second Level, North Lobby.

Lead Author / Presenter Type Title
Achtor, Thomas Talk McIDAS-V—Accessing, visualizing and analyzing multi and hyperspectral environmental satellite data
Bah, Kaba Poster Preparation for use of GOES-R Advance Baseline Image (ABI)
Dengel, Russell  Talk Mobile Device Access to Real-time Weather Products using a Web Map Service
Desai, Ankur R. Panel Disccussion Communicating with Each Other: The Challenges and Rewards of Expanding Atmospheric Science’s Professional Partners
Eloranta, E. W. Talk Using Doppler spectra to improve radar-lidar snowfall measurements
Feltz, Wayne F. Talk GOES-R overview of aviation algorithms and applications
Feltz, Wayne F. Poster University of Wisconsin proving ground participation within the NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed
Garms, Elise M. Poster Validation of a 3-D cloud product (UW-CAVP) derived from NASA Atmospheric InfraRed Sounder (AIRS) radiances with MODIS, CALIPSO, and COSMIC GPS satellite data using McIDAS-V version 1.0
Gerth, Jordan Talk An Outline in Transferring Satellite Research Products to National Weather Service Operations
Gunshor, Mathew M. Poster Intercalibration activities at CIMSS in preparation for the GOES-R era
Hartung, Daniel C. Talk Assimilation of surface-based profiler observations using an observation system simulation experiment: Part 2: forecast impact
Heidinger, Andrew K. Talk Applicability of GOES-R AWG Cloud Algorithms for JPSS/VIIRS
Hildner, Richard D. Poster Investigating the effects of air-mass history on cloud-aerosol interactions in different cloud regimes using AHSRL and trajectory cluster analysis
Holman, Kathleen D. Poster Understanding extreme precipitation events in climate simulations of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in Madison, Wisconsin
Huang, Allen Talk Polar Orbiting Weather Satellite Proving Ground: Facilitating Broad and Optimal Use of Global Direct Broadcast Data
Jasmin, Tommy Talk Using the McIDAS-V scientific data software system to visualize and analyze NPP data
Jin, Xin  Poster Speeding up the GOES-R Legacy Atmospheric Sounding Algorithm: a Blend of the CRTM Forward Model and the Fast Analytical Jacobian Scheme
Lang, Andrea A. Poster The structure and evolution of lower stratospheric frontal zones in northwesterly and southwesterly flow
Lee, Yong-Keun Poster A comparison of forward radiative transfer models used in the production of simulated proxy data for the GOES-R ABI
Lee, Yong-Keun Poster Validation of WRF simulated weather environment through hyperspectral Infrared brightness temperature comparison over thin cirrus cloud region
Li, Jun Poster High impact weather nowcasting and short range forecasting using advanced IR soundings
Li, Zhenglong Poster Land surface emissivity from high temporal resolution geostationary infrared imager radiances
Lindstrom, Scott S. Talk Challenges in verifying predictions of the pre-convective environment
Liu, Zhengyu Talk Transient simulation of the climate evolution of the last 21,000 years in CCSM3
Monette, Sarah A. Poster Applications of an Objective Overshooting Top Detection Algorithm
Mooney, Margaret Poster Infusing satellite data into earth science education with SAGE, ESIP and SNAPP
Notaro, Michael Talk Simulated impact of vegetation across the North American monsoon region in CCSM3.5
Otkin, Jason A. Talk Assimilation of surface-based profiler observations during an observation system simulation experiment: Part 1: Analysis Impact
Pavolonis, Michael J. Poster From GOES and POES to GOES-R and JPSS: Improvements in Operational Volcanic Cloud Monitoring
Petersen, Ralph A. Poster Validation studies of WVSS-II moisture observations
Petersen, Ralph A. Talk Displaying short-range forecasts of the convective environment based on Geostationary satellite data
Quinn, Greg Poster Developing a product validation and inter-calibration system for GOES-R using advanced collocation methods
Rasmussen Jr., David M. Poster An Analysis of Climate Change's Impacts on Future Wind Energy Production in California
Rasmussen, D. J. Talk Antarctic meteorological data: Access, distribution, and challenges
Rink, Thomas D. Poster McIDAS-V support for the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) program
Roman, Jacola A. Poster Validation of Global Climate Model moisture trends for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) using GPS Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) observations in the U.S. Great Plains from 2000 to 2010
Santek, David Talk Satellite Based Nowcasting and Aviation Applications for Mobile Devices
Schmidt, Christopher C. Poster Detection and characterization of biomass burning in the GOES-R era
Schmidt, Christopher C. Poster Ozone estimation with the ABI
Schmit, Timothy J. Talk The improved imagery of the ABI on GOES-R
Smith Sr., William L. Poster Mesoscale soundings using combined GOES-R and JPSS spectral radiances
Strabala, Kathleen I. Talk The Global Impact of Polar Orbiter Direct Broadcast Data
Straka III, William Poster McIDAS-V, Visualization and Data Analysis for GOES-R
Straka III, William C. Talk Research to Operations Activities using Products from Polar Orbiting Satellites
Tobin, David C. Poster The role of CLARREO as an IR intercalibration reference for JPSS and GOES-R
Wagner, Timothy J. Talk Watching for warnings: a real-time severe weather nowcasting simulation for the undergraduate classroom
Zhang, Hong Poster GRAFIIR – an efficient end-to-end semi automated GOES-R ABI algorithm performance analysis and implementation verification system

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