First GOES- 15 Full Disk Image


First full disk image from GOES-15.

On 6 April 2010, SSEC's Data Center began receiving full disk visible band images from GOES-15 in its geostationary orbit near 90 degrees west longitude. Above is the first GOES-15 Imager full disk visible image, at 1733 UTC. The first infrared image is scheduled to be received in late April 2010.

Launched on 4 March 2010, GOES-15 features instruments that capture high-resolution images of weather patterns, atmospheric measurements, and other phenomena. The GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) series of US satellites are developed by a joint NASA-NOAA-Industry partnership, launched by NASA (with industry partners), and operated by NOAA.

This satellite will undergo its Post Launch Test (PLT) during late summer of 2010. CIMSS has calculated the spectral response functions and Planck function constants in preparation for calibration of GOES-15 imager and sounder. CIMSS and ASPB will also contribute to the NOAA Science Test portion of the PLT.

After the PLT, GOES-15 will go into in-orbit storage until it is time to replace one of the current operating geostationary weather/environmental satellites.

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