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Follow the 2007 hurricane season with the new CIMSS Tropical Cyclones web site. The CIMSS Tropical Cyclones Research Team develops innovative techniques that use environmental satellites to monitor and study tropical cyclones. Several CIMSS products directly support forecasting at the National Hurricane Center.

Earlier this summer, the Tropical Cyclones research group unveiled a redesigned web site. After 13 years with the original look and feel, the group gave their web site a face lift and added a few new features. One of the most prominent additions is the interactive map showing tropical weather activity.If an active storm is present, a symbol will appear in the “TC Trak” window. By clicking on the symbol in the Atlantic Ocean, users can open a new window with a plethora of information about the storm. This feature provides easy access to available data products, animations, and custom viewing options. The redesigned page also features a new way to access real-time data for each of the ocean basins. Hovering your mouse over each region reveals a list of available products. This redesign will help SSEC/CIMSS continue to provide tropical weather information to web-surfing public.



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August 24, 2007
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