WisconsinView Receives "Friend of Land Records" Award

On February 20, 2009, the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) awarded WisconsinView and director Dr. Sam Batzli a "Friend of Land Records Award" at the Annual Meeting in the Kalahari Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells.

sam batzli accepts award from Jodi Helgeson

Friend of Land Records award

Sam Batzli with award
Photos by Jim Lacy

Outgoing president Jodi Helgeson read the following prepared statement during her presentation at the awards luncheon:

Friend of Land Records Award - Dr. Sam Batzli of WisconsinView

"WisconsinView has provided imagery and other data resources to over 5,000 registered users in the land records community and the general public. WisconsinView's online archive contains over 2,000 gigabytes of data from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), Landsat, MODIS, USGS high resolution imagery, and other data resources.

This individual helped bridge the gap between these federal resources and those who use them. This person has led efforts to apply available imagery resources to flood and tornado damage assessments efforts.

In 2008, he and Dr. Jonathan Chipman of Dartmouth College used an innovative radar imagery analysis to assess flooding extent over the southern half of Wisconsin. In the process this person coordinated with the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, US Geological Survey, and other agencies to acquire disaster event data and make assessment products available to others.

His efforts at WisconsinView have helped advance land records modernization in Wisconsin by making valuable imagery resources and applications available to all. We would like to ask Dr. Sam Batzli, the director of WisconsinView at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to accept the Friends of Land Records Award."

-- Jodi Helgeson
President, WLIA

WisconsinView's goal is to enhance the coordination of remote sensing data access and use across the state and is the only free online source of statewide aerial imagery of Wisconsin. Satellite imagery is also collected and processed daily.This data (between 300 and 800 GB per month) is used for a great variety of purposes including land record updates, water quality monitoring, farm land evaluation and environmental consulting. WisconsinView provided remote sensing image processing and mapping support during and after the record floods of June 2008 in southern Wisconsin. Because of WisconsinView, inundation maps were available within days of the events.

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