Saturn Science Conference: Saturn in the 21st Century


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The conference consists of invited oral presentations and contributed poster talks. Invited Speakers are usually the lead authors of their respective chapters for the associated book, tentatively entitled “Saturn in the 21st Century” being published by Cambridge University Press. Each Invited Speaker will have one hour to review his/her areas of expertise and take questions from the attendees. Poster talks will be held on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. These talks are contributed by the community, and typically present new results on the planet Saturn that may be adopted by the authors for their chapters. At the end of the oral sessions on Monday and Tuesday, each Poster Speaker will be given two minutes to highlight their research with a single Powerpoint slide.

Abstracts should be submitted by 1 June 2014 via the registration process, either at the end of the contact information section of your registration or by using the link provided in the email that confirmed your registration. (If you cannot find that email, please contact Maria Vasys, and it will be resent to you.)

Science Program Committee

Program (PDF of All Abstracts, listed alphabetically by Presenter)

  8:00   Registration opens  
  9:00   Welcome/Introduction/Purpose of Meeting Kevin Baines
  9:30   Origin of Saturn and its Atmosphere, and an Exoplanet Perspective Sushil Atreya
  10:30   Break  
  11:00   Saturn's Interior Structure Jonathan Fortney
  12:00   Lunch on own  
  2:00   Saturn's Magnetic Field and Dynamo Ulrich Christensen
  3:00   Saturn's Erratic Clocks - Searching for the Rotation Rate of a Planet James Carbary
  4:00   Poster Summaries: Evolution, Internal Structure, and the Thermosphere and Above Poster Abstracts for Monday (PDF)
    1 Interpretation of the 14N/15N Ratio Measured in Saturn's Ammonia Olivier Mousis
    2 Saturn's Shape from Cassini Radio Occultations F. Michael Flasar
    3 Saturn Kilometric Radiation Periodicity after Equinox W. S. Kurth
    4 Kronoseismology with Rings, New Clues to Saturn's Interior Matthew Hedman
    5 Joule Heating of the Mid-Latitude Thermosphere: Saturn's other Ring Current Frank Crary
    6 Cassini Ultraviolet Images of Saturn's Aurorae Wayne Pryor
    7 On Saturn's 'Ring Rain', Comparison of Results from Years 2011, 2013 and 2014 James O'Donoghue
    8 Temporal and Meridional Trends in Saturn's Thermosphere from Cassini UVIS Occultations Tommi Koskinen
  4:30   Poster Reception/Cash bar  
Tuesday 9:00   Global Configuration and Seasonal Variations of Saturn’s Magnetosphere Norbert Krupp
  10:00   Saturn's Aurorae Tom Stallard
  11:00   Break  
  11:30   Saturn's Ionosphere: Ring Rain and Other Drivers Luke Moore
  12:30   Lunch on own  
  2:00   Saturn's Thermosphere (Strobel) (Kostkinen) Darrell Strobel
  3:00   Saturn's Seasonally Changing Atmosphere: Thermal Structure, Composition, and Chemistry Leigh Fletcher
  4:00   Poster Summaries: The Stratosphere and Below and Future Missions Poster Abstracts for Tuesday (PDF)
    1 Long-Term Variability of Temperatures and Clouds in Saturn from Ground-Based Observations of Thermal Emission Glenn Orton
    2 Seasonal Variations in Saturn's Stratosphere from Cassini/CIRS Limb Observations Melody Sylvestre
    3 Oxygen Compounds in Saturn's Stratosphere During the 2010 Northern Storm Gordon Bjoraker
    4 The Evolution of Hydrocarbon Compounds in Saturn's Stratosphere During the 2010 Northern Storm Brigette Hesman
    5 Changes to Saturn's Zonal-mean Tropospheric Thermal Structure After the 2010-2011 Storm Richard Achterberg
    6 The Composition of Saturn's Storm Clouds: The Great Storm of 2010-2011 and Beyond Larry Sromovsky
    7 Scientific Rationale and Concepts for an In Situ Saturn Probe Olivier Mousis
    8 Applying PCA Filtering to Bolide Detection in Video Observations of Saturn and Jupiter Paul Strycker
  4:30   Poster Session for Days 3-4  
  5:00   Cash bar  
  5:30   Banquet in the Alumni Lounge  
Wednesday 9:00   Clouds and Aerosols in Saturn’s Atmosphere Robert West
  10:00   Saturn's Global Atmospheric Circulation Adam Showman
  11:00   Break  
  11:30   Saturn's Polar Atmosphere Kunio Sayanagi
  12:30   Free time/Excursion to Taliesin/ Lake Mendota Boat Tour  
Thursday 9:00   The Great Storm of 2010-2011 Enrique Garcia-Melendo
  10:00   The Great Storm - Panel Discussion  
  11:00   Break  
  11:30   The Future Exploration of Saturn Kevin Baines
  12:30   Lunch on own  
2:30   The Future of Amateur Observations of Saturn Anthony Wesley
  3:30   Break  
  4:00   Wrap-up Panel and Discussion  
  5:00   Conference concludes