Geospacial Semantics Workshop

Geospatial Semantics Workshop and GeoVoCamp

June 2-3 2014
Pyle Center (702 Langdon Street, Madison, WI), University of Wisconsin-Madison

We would like to invite you to attend a two-day workshop that has a broad focus on including semantic technology in geospatial applications. This workshop has two parts: One part will have speakers talking about ontologies, linked data, or other semantic technology. The other part will be a GeoVoCamp in which people break into small groups. Each group will create a small ontology on a topic area. To do this, each group needs domain experts as well as someone able to formalize the design, which we will arrange. This workshop is supported by an NSF INTEROP grant.

Geospatial domain and GIS people not currently involved in the semantic area are encouraged to come to the workshop to listen to presentations and possibly help with domain knowledge.

There is no cost but please register to provide accurate meal counts.

Contact information: Nancy Wiegand, wiegand at cs DOT wisc DOT edu or Gary Berg-Cross, gbergcross at gmail DOT com