Schwerdtfeger Library Acquisitions - May 1995


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Foreign Reports

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Video Tapes

Space Station: It's about life on Earth. Video conference, 5 May 1995. PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service, 1995. VHS video tape, 2 hours. Video tape #160.

Scientists' Read File

NASA. Research Announcement. Planetary instrument definition and development program. Proposals due 2 August 1995.

NASA. Research Announcement. Mars surveyor program: '98 lander and orbiter missions science instruments. Notices of intent due 10 July 1995. Proposals due 8 August 1995.

NASA. Research Announcement. Stratospheric Aerosol and Gaw Experiment (SAGE II) science team. Proposals due 17 July 1995.

NASA. Research Announcement. Microgravity combustion science: Research and flight experiment opportunities. Letters of intent due 10 July 1995. Proposals due 25 August 1995.

NASA. Dear Colleague Letter. From the Office of Space Science. "New Millennium Program". Instructions on how to access JPL and NASA solicitations via WWW or ftp.

University of Wisconsin Sea Grant College Program. Call for proposals 1996-1998. Preproposals due 5 July 1995. Proposals due 13 October 1995.

NOAA. Program Announcement. Climate and Global Change Program FY 1996. Letters of intent due 7 June 1995. Full proposals due 8 August 1995.

Synthetic Aperture Radar Technology and Applications, Ann Arbor, MI, University of Michigan, 17-21 July 1995. A Continuing Engineering Education Conference. Course description and registration information.

Improving communication at work, Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension, Communication Programs. Summer 1995 workshop schedule.

FIRE III Science team meeting announcement and tentative agenda.

Global quest. S.l., NASA, 1993. 1p.

Program directory: 1994-1995. Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin, Sea Grant Institute, 1994. 69p.

Annual report: July 1, 1993 to June 30, 1994. Davis, CA, University of California, National Institute for Global Environmental Change.

2061 Today v.5, no.1, 1995.