Schwerdtfeger Library Acquisitions - May 1996


Lenoble, Jacqueline. Atmospheric radiative transfer. Hampton, VA, A. Deepak Publishing, 1993. xxi, 532p. QC/912.3/L45/1993.

Scientific results from the Antarctic Walk Environmental Research Expedition 1991-1993. Edited by K. Yoshikawa, K. Harada, and S. Ishimaru. Tokyo, Japan, Antarctic Environmental Research Expedition Organizing Committee, 1995. 258p. QE/350/A63/1995.

U.S. Government Reports: Air Force

Dandekar, B. S. Improvement of real time f0F2 prediction for OTH radars. Hanscom Air Force Base, MA, US Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, Directorate of Geophysics, Phillips Laboratory, 1995. vii, 45p. PL-TR-95-2123. D 301.45/4:95-2123.

U.S. Government Reports: NASA

Gregory, G. L. and Scott, A. D. Jr. Compendium of NASA data base for the Global Tropospheric Experiment's Chemical Instrumentation Test and Evaluation #3 (CITE-3). Hampton, VA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Langley Research Center, 1996. 179p. NASA Technical Memorandum 110227. NAS 1.15:110227.

U.S. Government Reports: Department of Energy

United States Historical Climatology Network (U.S. HCN) monthly temperature and precipitation data. Edited by D. R. Easterling; Karl, T. R,; Mason, E. H.; Hughes, P. Y.; et al. Oak Ridge, TN, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Environmental Sciences Division, Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, 1996. viii, 83p., appendixes. Environmental Sciences Division Publication No.4500. ORNL/CDIAC-87.

In-House Publications: SSEC, AOS, NESDIS, CCR

Ackerman, Steven. Participation in the FIRE Phase II Program: Final technical report for NASA grant NAG1-1177 for the period 1 September 1990 through 30 April 1995. Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC), 1996. Unpaged. SSEC Publication No.96.05.A1.

Czarnetzki, Alan C. and Johnson, Donald R. The role of terrain and pressure stresses in Rocky Mountain lee cyclones. Monthly Weather Review v.124, no.4, 1996, pp553-570. Reprint #2264.

Distributed operations manual, preliminary issue. Madison, WI, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Space Science and Engineering Center, 1996. Various paging. SSEC Publication No.96.05.M1.

Hibbard, W. L.; Paul, B. E. Interactive visualization and steering for weather computations. Workshop on Meteorological Operational Systems, 5th, Reading, UK, 13-17 November 1995. Reading, UK, European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts, 1996. ECMWF Workshop Proceedings. Pp.230-237. Reprint #2269.

Orton, G.; Ortiz, J. L.; Baines, K; Bjoraker, G.; Carsenty, U.; Colas, F.; Dayal, A.; Derning, D.; Drossart, Pl; Frappa, E.; Friedson, J.; Goguen, J.; Golisch, W.; Griep, D.; Hernandez, C.; Hoffmann, W.; Jennings, D.; Kaminishi, C.; Kuhn, J.; Laques, P.; Limaye, S.; Lin, H.; Lecacheux, J.; Martin, T.; McCabe, G.; Mornary, T.; Parker, D.; Puetter, R.; Ressle, M.; Reyes, G.; Sada, Pl; Spencer, J.; Spitale, J.; Stewart, S.; Varsik. J.; Warell, J.; Wild, W.; Yanamandra-Fisher, P.; Fazio, G.; Hora, J., and Deutsch, L. Earth-based observations of the Galileo probe entry site. Science v.272, no.5263, 1996, pp839-840. Reprint #2267.

Sromovsky, L. A.; Best, F. A.; Collard, A. D.; Fry, P. M.; Revercomb, H. E.; Freedman, R. S.; Orton, G. S.; Hayden, J. L.; Tomasko, M. G., and Lemmon, M. T. Solar and thermal radiation in Jupiter's atmosphere: Initial results of the Galileo probe Net Flux Radiometer. Science v.272, no.5263, 1996. Reprint #2268.

International Reports: WMO

Research activities in atmospheric and oceanic modelling. Edited by A. Staniforth. [Geneva], WMO/ICSU, (World Meteorological Organization/International Council of Scientific Unions), World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), Weather Prediction Research Programme, 1996. Various paging. WMO/TD No.734. CAS/JSC Working Group on Numerical Experimentation Report No.23.

World Ocean Circulation Experiment. WOCE Project status 1996: Future aims. Southampton, UK, World Meteorological Organization (WMO), World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE), WOCE International Project Office, 1996. 7p.

International Reports: ECMWF

ECMWF global data monitoring report, April 1996. Reading, UK, European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), 1996. Various paging.

Fifth Workshop on Meteorological Operational Systems, Reading, UK, 13-17 November 1995. ECMWF Workshop Proceedings. Reading, UK, European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), 1996. 321p.

Foreign Reports

Zurovac-Jevtic, Dance. Experiments with a cirrus parameterization scheme in HIRLAM. Stockholm, Sweden, University of Stockholm, Department of Meteorology; International Meteorological Institute in Stockholm, 1996. 35p. Dynamic Meteorology Report DM-73.