Satellite Observations Used in Agriculture


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Environmentally sound agricultural practices are increasingly information driven. Implementation of new management models, such as Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Crop Management, requires that managers have ready access to data on current weather and growing conditions. Satellite-based measurements and the Internet provide timely and efficient tools for collecting and delivering this critical information.

We are developing management decision aids that derive much of their power from satellite data, including estimates of cloud cover and solar radiation. The Internet provides a means of wide scale, rapid information dissemination. By assisting agricultural managers in some daily decisions, pesticide usage is reduced, energy is saved, and potential water quality impacts of crop production are minimized.

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Principal Investigator

  • William Bland (Dept. of Soil Science), PI
  • Martha Anderson, co-PI
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  • John Mecikalski, co-PI

Funding contributors and acknowledgements


July 16, 2008