Antarctic Meteorological Research Center


The Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC) is an observational research center focused on the meteorology of the Antarctic and adjacent regions. The AMRC collects, distributes, and archives a wide variety of Antarctic meteorological data. These data include satellite imagery, observational data (such as temperature and wind speed), and output from forecast models. The Center also provides expert assistance with the data to support Antarctic research and weather forecasting. In addition, AMRC creates and disseminates meteorological products over the Web, the prime example being Antarctic satellite composite imagery, produced since 1992.

AMRC is also involved in other Antarctic research, such as fog detection around McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Fog at this research station is the most common reason for aborted flights to Antarctica. Another pursuit is monitoring large tabular icebergs in the Antarctic. Finally, AMRC works to bring the excitement of Antarctic meteorology to students and the general public through numerous outreach efforts.

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Antarctic Meteorological Research Center
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September 16, 2009