Isentropic Analysis and Modeling


Weather and climate prediction are key scientific challenges, particularly as concerns of human impact on air quality and the earth's climate continue to grow. SSEC's Isentropic Analysis and Modeling group is developing and using a numerical model to investigate daily weather and global and regional climate. This effort emphasizes the importance of accurately modeling hydrologic processes (movement of water in all its forms) and the exchange of ozone and other components between the stratosphere and troposphere, the two layers of the atmosphere closest to the earth.

The model, called the global hybrid isentropic-sigma coordinate model, is uniquely capable in its ability to simulate hydrologic and transport processes. In particular, researchers are exploring differences resulting from using various types of coordinate systems in the model and their effects on model accuracy. Improving the model's ability to accurately characterize hydrologic and transport processes will lead to an improved understanding of weather and climate.

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Don Johnson

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July 14, 2005