Past Research

Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator

Built by SSEC, the ADR was flown on the Astro-E satellite, a joint Japanese-NASA X-ray astronomy project and was used to cool one of the satellite's X-ray detectors

Coastal Geomorphology

The coastal Louisiana Geomorphology (CLAGEO) project investigated the causes of erosion and deposition of sediment along Louisiana's coast. (Project Website)

ERBE: Earth Radiation Budget Experiment

NASA experiment involving satellite derived measurements of a variety of radiation parameters to determine the net balance of radiation being absorped or transmitted by the Earth

GOES Pathfinder

Project involving the processing of data streams from the VISSR/VAS sensors aboard the GOES-7 satellite to create satellite image products

Hubble Space Telescope High Speed Photometer

Detector aboard the Hubble Space Telescope that measures the brightness of celestial objects in several different spectral bands of ultraviolet and visible radiation

MURI: Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative

A cooperative research initiative between ONR, UW-CIMSS, UH-HIGP, and Texas A&M University

Satellite Observations Used in Agriculture

Development of management decision aids that derive much of their power from satellite data, including estimates of cloud cover and solar radiation.

Stennis Project: Radiances and Cloud Analyses from GOES Dwell Soundings

Work on addressing the lack of coordinated data sets of cloudiness, radiation, and water vapor for use in global climate models