Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training


VISIT (Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training) is a joint effort involving NOAA's Cooperative Institutes, the National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service (NESDIS), and the National Weather Service (NWS). The primary mission of VISIT is to accelerate the transfer of research results from atmospheric remote sensing data into NWS operations using distance education techniques.

Part of this effort is to explore the efficacy of using the Internet in a timely manner to share information and knowledge in small groups, in a highly interactive way. To facilitate this research, a software toolkit called VISITview has been developed and is freely available to anyone who wishes to engage in their own collaborations.

For VISITview, CIMSS collects case study data from several sources, including AWIPS (the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System), and uses these data to illustrate the use of satellite data in the NWS analysis and forecast process. These collections, or modules, are shared with forecasters, educators, and others who may benefit from the unique perspective that our team members can provide. It is an overall goal of VISIT to also share our experience in network-based interactivity with others who are also experts in focus areas and can create more formal presentations to be shared with their target audience. These interactions have also helped us refine the techniques for effective use of this approach.

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Tom Whittaker
The University of Wisconsin-Madison
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phone: 608-262-2759

CIMSS Principals

Funding contributors and acknowledgements

This work is funded by NOAA through the Cooperative Agreement. The VISIT program is run by Tony Mostek at COMET.


Tony Mostek - NOAA/COMET - VISIT leader
Many people at CIRA
Many other people at WDTB (Warning Decision Training Branch)
NWS Offices
NWS National Centers
NWS Regional Offices
NWS Training Division
July 14, 2005