Software Bundle

Software bundles are the preferred method of distributing polar2grid by the SSEC. Software bundles are gzipped tarballs with a binary installation of polar2grid and all of its dependencies. Software bundles distributed by the SSEC are built for RHEL6 x86_64 systems.

Creating a Software Bundle

To create a software bundle tarball run the software bundle creation script from a clone of the github repository:

cd /path/to/repos/polar2grid/
./ /path/to/swbundle

Optionally you can provide a specific version of ShellB3 (local/remote tarball or path):

./ /path/to/swbundle

When this script has completed there will be a /path/to/swbundle directory and a /path/to/swbundle.tar.gz file.


The software bundle creation script uses various Makefiles throughout the source tree. If these Makefiles are not up-to-date then the software bundle may not build correctly or with the correct version of software.