4.9. ACSPO SST Reader

The ACSPO reader is for reading files created by the NOAA Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) Advanced Clear-Sky Processor for Oceans (ACSPO) system software. The ACSPO reader supports product files created from VIIRS, MODIS and AVHRR imaging sensors. The ACSPO output product format is NetCDF4. The frontend can be specified with the polar2grid.sh command using the acspo frontend name. The ACSPO frontend provides the following products:

Product Name



Sea Surface Temperature


Wind Speed


Sea Ice Fraction


Satellite Zenith Angle

4.9.1. Command Line Arguments

usage: polar2grid.sh acspo <writer> [-h] [--list-products]
                                    [-p PRODUCTS [PRODUCTS ...]] Frontend Initialization

swath extraction initialization options


List available frontend products and exit

Default: False Frontend Swath Extraction

swath extraction options

-p, --products

Specify frontend products to process


polar2grid.sh aspo gtiff -h

polar2grid.sh acspo gtiff --list-products -f /snpp/20170401174600-STAR-L2P_GHRSST-SSTskin-VIIRS_NPP-ACSPO_V2.40-v02.0-fv01.0.nc

polar2grid.sh acspo gtiff --grid-coverage=0.0 -f ../aqua/20170401191500-STAR-L2P_GHRSST-SSTskin-MODIS_A*.nc

polar2grid.sh acspo hdf5 -p sst sea_ice_fraction --compress gzip --add-geolocation -g lcc_fit --grid-coverage=.02 -f /noaa18/20170401194729-STAR-L2P_GHRSST-SSTskin-AVHRR19_D-ACSPO_V2.40-v02.0-fv01.0.nc

polar2grid.sh acspo scmi --letters --compress -g lcc_conus_750 --sector-id LCC  --grid-coverage=0.0 -f 20171112192000-STAR-L2P_GHRSST-SSTskin-VIIRS_NPP-ACSPO_V2.40-v02.0-fv01.0.nc

polar2grid.sh acspo scmi -g merc_pacific_300 --sector-id Pacific --letters --compress -f *STAR-L2P_GHRSST-SSTskin-VIIRS_NPP-ACSPO*.nc