4.11. VIIRS EDR Active Fires Reader

The VIIRS EDR Active Fires reader operates on CSPP NetCDF I-Band (AFIMG) Resolution or M-Band Resolution (AFMOD) Environmental Data Record files. Files usually have the following naming schemes:

AFIMG_npp_d20200109_t0959025_e1000267_b42492_c20200109101744000538_cspp_dev.nc, and/or AFMOD_j01_d20200109_t1711298_e1712525_b11100_c20200109173628141913_cspp_dev.nc

This reader’s default resampling algorithm is nearest for Nearest Neighbor resampling. The --remap_method parameter is set to nearest.

Product Name



Fire Confidence Category (AFIMG Resolution Only)


I-Band 4 Temperature (AFIMG Resolution Only)


Fire Radiative Power


Fire Confidence Percentage (AFMOD Resolution Only)


M-Band 13 Temperature (AFMOD Resolution Only)

4.11.1. Command Line Arguments

usage: polar2grid.sh viirs_edr_active_fires <writer> [-h] [--list-products]
                                                     [-p PRODUCTS [PRODUCTS ...]] Frontend Initialization

swath extraction initialization options


List available frontend products and exit

Default: False Frontend Swath Extraction

swath extraction options

-p, --products

Specify frontend products to process

Some output GeoTIFF fire products are color enhanced:


confidence_cat - Low (Yellow), Nominal (Orange), High (Red)

power - 1 - 250 and above (MW) Yellow->Red


confidence_pct - 1-100% Yellow->Red

power - 1 - 250 and above (MW) Yellow->Red


$POLAR2GRID_HOME/bin/polar2grid.sh viirs_edr_active_fires gtiff -h

polar2grid.sh viirs_edr_active_fires gtiff --list-products -f ../active_fire_edr/AFIMG*.nc

polar2grid.sh viirs_edr_active_fires gtiff --list-products -f ../active_fire_edr/AFMOD*.nc

polar2grid.sh viirs_edr_active_fires gtiff -p confidence_cat T4 img_edr/AFIMG*.nc

polar2grid.sh viirs_edr_active_fires gtiff -g lcc_aus -p confidence_pct T13  -f AFMOD_j01_d20191120_t1513353_e1514581_b10389_c20191121192444396115_cspp_dev.nc

NOTE: The active fire images can be overlaid onto another GeoTIFF. See Overlay GeoTIFF Images for instructions.