6.2. Binary Writer

The Binary backend is a very simple backend that outputs the gridded data in a flat binary file for each band of data. The binary writer supports data on any grid.

6.2.1. Command Line Arguments

usage: polar2grid.sh <reader> binary [-h]
                                     [--rescale-configs [RESCALE_CONFIGS [RESCALE_CONFIGS ...]]]
                                     [--output-pattern OUTPUT_PATTERN]
                                     [--dont-inc] [--dtype DATA_TYPE] Backend Initialization


alternative rescale configuration files Backend Output Creation


output filenaming pattern

Default: “{satellite}_{instrument}_{product_name}_{begin_time}_{grid_name}.dat”


do not increment data by one (ex. 0-254 -> 1-255 with 0 being fill)

Default: True


specify the data type for the backend to output