6.4. HDF5 Writer

The HDF5 backend creates HDF5 files with gridded product arrays. By default it creates one HDF5 file with all product arrays in the same file. Products are grouped together in HDF5 data groups for the grid that they are remapped to. Each grid data group has attributes describing the grid it represents. See the command line arguments for this backend for information on compressing the HDF5 files and including longitude and latitude datasets in the files.

6.4.1. Command Line Arguments

usage: polar2grid.sh <reader> hdf5 [-h]
                                   [--rescale-configs [RESCALE_CONFIGS [RESCALE_CONFIGS ...]]]
                                   [--output-pattern OUTPUT_PATTERN]
                                   [--compress {none,gzip,lzf,szip}]
                                   [--no-append] [--add-geolocation] Backend Initialization


alternative rescale configuration files Backend Output Creation


output filenaming pattern

Default: “{satellite}_{instrument}_{begin_time}.h5”


Possible choices: none, gzip, lzf, szip

Specify compression method for hdf5 datasets

Default: “none”


Don’t append to the hdf5 file if it already exists (otherwise may overwrite data)

Default: True


Add ‘longitude’ and ‘latitude’ datasets for each grid

Default: False