6.5. NinJo Writer

The NinJo backend is used to create NinJo compatible TIFF files, also known as NinJoTIFFs. The NinJo Workstation Project is a meteorological workstation system for viewing weather data. NinJo is the operational weather visualization and analysis tool used by a number of countries throughout the world.

The NinJo backend for Polar2Grid was specifically developed to assist the “Deutscher Wetterdienst” (DWD) in displaying Suomi NPP VIIRS data in NinJo. This partnership between the DWD and SSEC lead to a fairly specialized system that creates NinJo compatible TIFF images. NinJo allows for multiple “readers” or plugins to its system to allow for various formats to be read. The polar2grid backend is specifically for the TIFF reader used by the DWD. These files are different from regular TIFF images in that they have a number of tags for describing the data and the location of that data to NinJo.

The NinJo backend must be configured to support a specific grid and is currently only configured for the DWD Germany grid (dwd_germany) and the Alaska (203) grid.

6.5.1. Command Line Arguments

usage: polar2grid.sh <reader> ninjo [-h]
                                    [--rescale-configs [RESCALE_CONFIGS [RESCALE_CONFIGS ...]]]
                                    [--backend-configs [BACKEND_CONFIGS [BACKEND_CONFIGS ...]]]
                                    [--output-pattern OUTPUT_PATTERN]
                                    [--dont-inc] Backend Initialization


alternative rescale configuration files


alternative backend configuration files Backend Output Creation


output filenaming pattern

Default: “{satellite}_{instrument}_{product_name}_{begin_time}_{grid_name}.tif”


do not increment data by one (ex. 0-254 -> 1-255 with 0 being fill)

Default: True