Sizing Icebergs Summary Page

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You’ve just learned how to measure the size of tabular icebergs using satellite images. Here are some important things you should have learned:

  • Tabular icebergs can be big. A single iceberg can comprise an area the size of a lake or a city.
  • The geometric shape method can be used almost anytime to obtain a quick and rough measure of an iceberg’s area.
  • The pixel count method provides a quick and precise area measurement but requires using special software.

Measure Today's Icebergs

The links in the side bar will take you to web sites where you can obtain up-to-date satellite images of icebergs. Here are some things to remember as you try out your new skills.

  • You need to know the proper scale of distance associated with any particular iceberg satellite image.
  • If you download the Pixel Count tool be sure you know the resolution of any imagery used with it.
  • Greenland is another area with a lot of interesting recent iceberg activity.

Recent Satellite Images of Icebergs

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