Water Vapor and Jet Streams: Introduction

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In this lesson you'll learn how to identify and analyze jet streams using water vapor imagery from weather satellites. If you need a better understanding of jet streams, start with the Jet Streams Tutorial then complete each of the Learning Scenarios below in the order listed.

Learning Scenarios

1 The Meteorologist's Challenge

The Meteorologist's Challenge
A TV meteorologist challenges you to locate the jet stream axis using water vapor imagery. She also provides some useful tips to help you in the next two scenarios.

Estimated time: 5 mins.

2 Crisis in the Air

A Crisis in the Air
An airline pilot needs your help in analyzing data from water vapor imagery and weather models to plot a new flight path to take advantage of a jet stream.

Estimated time: 10 mins.

3 Launching and Tracking a Weather Balloon

Launching and Tracking a Weather Balloon
A team of weather researchers needs you to decide whether or not to launch a weather balloon by analyzing water vapor imagery and other weather data.

Estimated time: 10 mins.


Jet Stream Tutorial
jet stream basics

Learn basic facts about the jet stream and how it relates to water vapor imagery. Do this first if you have not had a course in meteorology or need a quick refresher.

Estimated time: 5 mins.




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